Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Lauren Twigge is a Dallas based registered and licensed Dietitian with a Master's degree in Clinical Nutrition and a bachelor's degree in Animal Science. Lauren is an Instagram educator and uses her platform of over 15,000 followers to educate on agriculture and nutrition. Along with her Instagram account, Lauren is the owner of Lauren Twigge Nutrition and runs a variety of programs including 1:1 nutrition counseling and group weight loss programs.

Growing up on a dairy and being raised around farming has given Lauren a unique perspective on where our food comes from, how it is grown or raised, and how it impacts our body. Her passion is to work at the crux of agriculture and human nutrition to fight misinformation surrounding the industry and give consumers back their food confidence. Lauren is on Instagram @nutrition.at.its.roots and educates on a variety of health topics including the truth about agricultural industry, where our food comes from, and the role that various products, like milk, can play in a healthy diet! Lauren loves giving back to the industry that she was raised in and that her family still works in today! Farmers work every day to give us safe and wholesome products and Lauren strives to help tell their story to the people who are far removed from the industry.


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