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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Amanda Nigg, originally from western Nebraska, now lives in South Dakota with her husband, Louis, and their 2 boys, Jon and Bo. She found her true, professional calling as a result of events that took place last year. Turning to fitness was a way to deal with the brought-on stress, which ultimately lead to the lauch of her business, FarmFitMomma. Her educational background, an associate degree in Health Promotions from University of Wyoming and a degree in Radiation Therapy from Weber State, gave her a perfect basis to start from. She gives farmers and farm wives a system and tools to lose weight and build muscle while creating a healthy lifestyle that allows them to live in their new bodies with confidence for the rest of their life! You can find her on social media as FarmFitMomma and will soon be on YouTube for behind the scenes on what it means to be Farm Fit.