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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Meet Wyatt Seaman! Wyatt grew up in Chowchilla, CA and is the 2nd generation of his family to work for Seaman Nurseries. Seaman Nurseries has been in business since 1982 and serves the entire Central Valley of California as well as multiple areas throughout Arizona. Wyatt is currently the Nursery Manager in which he oversees that all the trees are growing properly year-round which includes a variety of different tasks each day such as laying down gravel and soil in pots, setting up irrigation and putting individual drip systems in each pot, or bag for graphed trees. He pre-irrigates the soil before they are planted into pots, and after the trees are planted individually, he waits until they grow to a certain height before he ships them to customers. Or, they will grow them to a certain diameter and sort them to be graphed. Seaman Nurseries also provides a full-service operation from planting, graphing, and training up until harvest to ensure growers get the best output from their trees.

Before becoming the Nursery Manager, Wyatt had a few other jobs outside of the Ag industry. He was a snowboard instructor in Truckee, a plant stocker at Roger's Garden, and then went on to making cold calls. Having been born into the Ag industry and after having to cold call every day in an office, it made him realize how much he loved agriculture and missed the outdoors. This ultimately influenced him to go back to his hometown roots. What Wyatt likes most about his job is being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, and being able to put out healthy and productive trees for growers throughout the Central Valley.