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Learn About SWIIM: Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management

Tell our readers about SWIIM?

SWIIM stands for Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management. The company started off as a research project almost 10 years ago. It was funded initially by state and federal grants and included research by the USDA. Colorado State University, Utah State University and professors from Fresno State University. They were trying to find a way to protect growers in the western US from the difficult water availability situation at that time. Western Growers Association, located in Irvine, contacted us and was interested in how SWIIM could help their membership because their focus is on labor issues, water availability, and Ag policy. We partnered with Western Growers, they invested in us and now help us distribute SWIIM to growers throughout California. Since then, we’ve been growing rapidly.

All of the individuals at SWIIM have an agriculture background and are worried about the sustainability