Interview with Grimmway Farms - The Largest Carrot Grower in the World!

Where is the company located?

Headquartered in Bakersfield, California

How did the company get started?

Grimmway Farms traces its roots to a roadside produce stand opened by Rod and Bob Grimm in Anaheim, CA. The Grimm brothers incorporated their business in 1969 and moved the company to Kern County in 1981 to take advantage of the region’s fertile, year-round growing conditions. In 1990, they combined their knowledge of farming, engineering and consumer trends to market cut and peeled baby carrots. They grew potatoes as a rotation crop which they sold to King Pak Potato Co. before acquiring the company in 2000. The baby carrot product catapulted Grimmway’s growth and enabled the successful acquisition of several other regional growing operations, including Cal-Organic Farms in 2001. A pioneer organic farming company, Cal-Organic had been growing organic fruits and vegetables since 1984, including several varieties of organic potatoes. Today Grimmway leads the industry as the world’s largest producer of carrots and the nation’s largest producer of organic vegetables.

What services or product does your business involve? 

As the world’s largest carrot grower, we deliver premium carrots in a variety of sizes and cuts, year-round. We couple our carrot portfolio with a robust offering of over 65 organic vegetables which allow us to be a one-stop shop for our customers. For more information about our product offerings, please visit us here.

What attributes set you apart from your competitors?

Grimmway has been family-owned for more than 50 years and in that time we’ve developed long-standing relationships by providing quality products and consistent service our customers have come to expect. Our organic vegetable programs are fully integrated with our carrot business which enables seamless ordering and single-stop loading for our partners. We’ve diversified our growing regions to include productive farmland all over the country to improve logistical efficiencies and support year-round production. Our commitment to sustainable farming has allowed us to expand our portfolio of crops and convert more organic land year after year.

**If you would like to contact Grimmway Farms, please call them at: 1-800-301-3101 or visit their website here.**


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