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Updated: Dec 22, 2021

It’s become no surprise that farmers and growers in the Central Valley are facing more regulatory challenges than ever before. Today's regulatory and environmental pressures are pushing farmers to be more aware of inputs and outputs of their operation. It would almost be considered essential in today’s agricultural landscape to use a Certified Professional. Sentry Ag Services’ account managers and agronomists are present in the sampling process from beginning to end. The benefits of the process is to utilize the results to maximize yields and increase profits for their clients. Read along as Sentry Ag Services gives us some tips on the beneficial impact soil sampling has on your crop!


Soil sampling is an important process to conduct in order to maintain a healthy soil. Healthy soil can hold more water, have an increased nutrient availability for plant uptake, and it has adequate organic matter which helps suppress disease organisms. Ultimately, healthy soil can maximize yields and increase profits. Growers should take a soil sample on each field, annually, to monitor changes in soil nutrients on permanent crops. This also helps in preparing the soil's needs for annual crops. Make sure to time your soil samples to be taken at the same point in your crop rotation each year for consistency.