Caddyshack co-owner, Kyle Espinola, shares 5 tips

for dealing with rodents in your fields!

1. TIMING: Just as the saying goes, "Timing is everything"! Exterminating in the late summer & fall is crucial in order to keep future populations down!

2. FIELD CONDITIONS: Just like us, Rodents need water and food in order to survive. One of the main sources of feed for gophers is weeds. Keeping vegetation on the orchard floor to a minimum will help cut the gophers food supply. As for squirrels, they are more likely to go after the nuts on the trees. Keeping surrounding areas, like fence lines &  canals, clean of brush and debris will help limit access to hiding spots for squirrels.

3. FREQUENCY: It is impossible for growers or Caddyshack to kill 100% of a rodent population on a property. Staying on top of your infestation early on will give you more control and keep cost low moving forward. 4. METHOD: With our machines, we reduce the population of gophers and squirrels without the use of synthetic poisons. Carbon monoxide is pumped through probes inserted into underground tunnels, putting the furry fellows to sleep in their burrows. This is the most effective way to get rid of pesky rodents. 5. USE CADDYSHACK: Caddyshack aims to reduce rodent populations for our clients in various settings! We work primarily in the Ag industry, but we can also tackle rodent problems for clients in residential & commercial settings as well. Contact us today for a FREE inspection!


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