Updated: Dec 22, 2021

It may be surprising to consider that the solution to many of the problems we, as a society, face today might just be right under our noses… or feet, rather. The land beneath our feet is the environmental, economic and social fabric of our country and like the famous FDR once said, “The nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.” Compost is one of the ways in which we can not only preserve our land, but create a profit for ourselves as well. Compost acts as a food source, a probiotic, and a sponge for the soil underneath it. Not only does compost make the soil more fertile and efficient, but it also supports the intricate ecosystem that healthy soil keeps. When you practice composting, you are creating the perfect environment that allows microbes to thrive and the decaying process, in turn, becomes life-giving. The most important thing you can do to care for the soil and the environment is to add this amazing resource because, after all, soil LOVES compost! Below, Jim Pitcock of Stone Spreading shares 5 helpful tips on why you should consider incorporating composting into your farming routine.

1. WHY COMPOST?: Composting is an easier and more manageable task than some might think. It is a small practice that can make a huge difference in the environmental, economic, and social issues that we face today. Adding this simple step as part of your environmentally friendly habits can go a long way in lowering greenhouse emissions, regenerating the soil, revitalizing water sources, and fostering food security into the future.

2. SOIL LOVES COMPOST: Anyone with a green thumb knows that compost is the first “soil-ution” to almost any problem that pops up in the garden. From protecting against plant disease to treating nutrient deficiencies, compost is the most used soil amendment for farmers and gardeners alike. This is because compost actually improves the structure of the soil by adding important nutrients, balancing PH levels, and allowing for better moisture infiltration and retention.

3. HELPS REVITALIZE AND FILTER WATER SOURCES: Did you know compost can hold 20 times its own weight in water? This can be extremely beneficial to your crops because it increases the amount of water that is able to penetrate into the soil. Not only is this great news for the plants, but it also means that water can seep all the way down to the impervious rock layer where it swells up and replenishes ponds and lakes.

4. CONTROLS EROSION: Once again, compost water retention ability FOR THE WIN! Unfortunately, we have lost one-third of the earth’s farmable land within the last 40 years due to erosion and pollution. Most erosion is caused by excess water. Unable to penetrate the ground, water swells up on the surface and rushes down to lower elevations, taking the top soil with it and depleting the land in the process. Compost acts like a sponge and allows way more water to infiltrate the ground, keeping the topsoil exactly where it belongs…on top!

5. HELPS LOWER PRODUCTION COST FOR FARMERS: Because who doesn’t want to help farmers? By using compost, farmers spend less money on expensive fertilizers and pesticides, water, and irrigation and can use that hard-earned cash for expanding their production capacities. More than that, fields that use compost have been shown to have higher yields than those that don’t. This means more crops to sell and more money to be made.

If you’re looking to add that soil “gold” filled with rich ingredients, look no further than Stone Spreading’s compost where “Compost doesn’t cost, it pays!” Jim Pitcock has dedicated decades to perfecting the process of composting and it shows. There is more than enough history to show that their work is quality. The testing required and completed to chart every single compost row is extensive while monitoring temperatures and moisture levels. They have received recognition from CCOF, certification through OMRI and CDFA, and an organic inputs material certificate from CDFA, which is coming soon in 2021. The quality that can be found here is unmeasurable in comparison to their competitors. Dedication leads to quality which then leads to success. With 52 years in business and 37 years in compost, trusting Stone Spreading with your compost needs is a no brainer!

If you are interested in learning more about compost or would like to inquire services,

contact Jim Pitcock at 209-718-9516


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