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Although Dallas Distributing Company was established in 1985, their family history within the sweet potato industry dates back to almost a century ago and spans over the course of five generations. It all began when Patriarch Theodore Dallas settled in the Atwater, California area during the height of the Great Depression. Mr. Dallas found that the sandy loam soil and warm climate were ideal weather conditions for growing sweet potatoes. Over the years, his acreage continued to grow and as a result, so did his sweet potato business. Formerly known as T. Dallas & Sons and Dallas Bros. Farms, his business eventually evolved into what we know today as Dallas Distributing Co. What began as a small, family farm has since grown into a full-scale farming, packing, and shipping operation; employing more than fifty full-time employees. Today, Dallas Distributing continues to steadily supply their largest of customers with their produce, while also catering to small businesses such as restaurants and fruit stands.