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Doug Brunner (Founder)


The Ag Center is deeper than a piece of property-its concept was built long before its structure took shape on Highway 59. 

Growing up as a dairyman, I knew very little about farming. My curiosity led me to learn more and essentially started my first company, DCB Farming. Little did I know farming was to lay the foundation of my future and the cornerstone of what has become The Ag Center. 

Starting my own business was not easy. It took leaning on my family values, a lot of resources and trial and error (to say the least). I was fortunate to be raised with a history of family experience in the agricultural industry and attribute my early successes to the strong mentors in my life: my father who taught me the values of hard work; a grandfather who was a pioneer of his time and my father in-law, who is exceptionally creative and has a futuristic mindset that built an empire. The start-up experience of DCB Farming shifted my whole perspective on how to do business and who to grow businesses with.

Within two years, I started another business that coincided with my other companies and created a synergism. In creating and sustaining these incredible partnerships-combined with God’s will-we were able to grow exponentially into the Ag Center-bringing together partners and affiliates who are able to streamline each other’s work. We all have the same mission, that of one to create a fun and hardworking atmosphere. We support people to be successful in their craft. One of the greatest fulfillments in creating the Ag Center is watching the incredible people around me become so successful at what they do. It brings me great joy.

I credit success of business to God, family, employees and hard work. Without having those in alignment, success is very hard to come by. We often forget who helped us get where we are, (trust me, I find myself doing that all too often). I feel lucky to be where I am today, married to an incredible wife and have an amazing family. I’m surrounded by wonderful people that I work with daily. 

Our goal at the Ag Center is to help this community and anyone else that we are fortunate enough to work with grow and progress. We are committed to help attain YOUR goals and to be a tool for your needs. I am so grateful for our agricultural community.


Doug Brunner 


Matt Foiada

Co-owner/Operator  - Foiada Land Leveling 


A third generation land leveler, Matt Foiada was born and raised in Turlock, CA. Upon graduating high school, Matt knew exactly what he wanted in life: follow in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps, proudly serving clients since1945. 


📞 (209) 564-0484

Chris Morgner

Owner/Principal Consultant - Agri-Valley Consulting


As a PCA and Agronomist since 1978, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to his clients. He is supported by an energetic and capable staff that provides pest management and agronomy services to grower clients in Central California. Disciple. Husband. Agronomist and crop advisor, almond farmer, wine snob and foodie... the list goes on.


📞 (209) 769-2357

Paul Stone

Owner/Operator - Kenneth R Stone Spreading Services


Paul grew up in Winton, California and is the epitome of hard-work, loyalty and good ole fashion fun. Following in his father’s footsteps, Paul began working for the family business-established in 1959. While times have changed, Paul ensures the quality of his family owned and operated business meets those changes. He is supported by a loving wife, Jill, and 3 beautiful daughters. If not working, you can find Paul racing cars #66P. 


📞 (209) 756-1491

Blair Cunnings

CEO  - Barrier Roofing & Solar


Blair founded Barrier in 1998, and is a fourth-generation roofing contractor with over 25 years of experience in sprayed roofing, coating and insulation systems. He is a Fresno native and a graduate of Bullard High School. Blair went on to earn an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California in Public Administration and Urban Planning. Blair was a member of the men’s golf team for the university and was graduated in 1992. He is more than a roofing and solar pro as he actively is engaged in ag as a cherry farmer. He likes to point out that Barrier Solar speaks ag as well with extensive experience in ag ground mount solar, ag shade structure solar and even specialty solar like containment pond solar systems. Blair is an active member of his community and supports many community organizations including Valley Children’s Hospital, Make-A-Wish and Fresno State University, to name a few. He’s also member of key industry organizations such as the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Association, SEIA and the Better Business Bureau.


📞 (559) 351-3265

Josh Bonds

Farm Manager - DCB Farming


Josh was born and raised in Dos Palos with a family history in dairying and farming. Having worked for a local pest management and a chemical company, he acquired a vast array of experience in the Agricultural Industry. In 2015, Josh was hired on as a Farm Manager of DCB Farming and most recently started his own company, Bonds Farming. If you know Josh, you know he takes great  pride in his work. His standards, ethics and loyalty are second to none. If Josh isn’t working, he’s traveling or spending time in his community. 


📞 (209) 631-2349

Kyle Espinola

Co-Owner/Operator - Caddyshack & Tree Barber


Kyle’s roots run deep in Central Valley’s Agricultural industry, being born and raised in Chowchilla. After high school he attended Cal State Monterey Bay where he played baseball and graduated with a degree Kinesiology. After college he returned home, to Chowchilla, and soon after started Caddyshack Rodent Service & The Tree Barber. If Kyle’s not in a spreader or topper, he’s enjoying time with his beautiful wife and precious daughter.


📞 (559) 363-3315

Brad Samuelson

Owner/Consultant  - Water & Land Solutions


Brad Samuelson was born and raised in Merced, California and his family operated a seed and grain business.  He followed his dream to play college soccer at Sonoma State University and later attended the University of San Francisco and obtained a Master of Science in Environmental Management.
His professional career began at UC Merced where he was promoted to Director of Environmental Planning.  In 2010, Brad became the General Manager of a large family farming business primarily located in Merced, Madera, and Fresno Counties. Recently, Brad served as a Principal Environmental Specialist at Provost & Prichard Consulting Group.  For the last two years he has been immersed in helping the agricultural communities throughout California prepare for the implementation of SGMA by preparing Conceptual Water Supply Evaluations, forming mutual water companies and California Special Districts, as well as actively representing his client’s interests by either forming or joining Groundwater Sustainability Agencies.  If Brad isn't working he is enjoying outdoor sports.


📞 (209) 658-8487

Clay Haynes

Co-Owner   - Caddyshack & Tree Barber 


Family man, hardworking, and high integrity are just a few words to describe Clay. Born in Merced, raised in Chowchilla and educated at Fresno State, Clay remains a constant pillar of his local community.  He owns and operates several businesses and attributes much of his success to his loving and supportive wife and family. When Clay isn’t working, he’s spending time with his family or serving his community. 


📞 (209) 777-2461

Kevin France

CEO   - SWIIM System, LLC


Kevin is a fifth-generation native raised on the Central Coast with deep roots in agriculture.  He has worked in agricultural water resource management for over twenty years, helping growers protect their water allocations throughout California, Arizona and Colorado. Kevin works closely with Western Growers Association where he crafted a first-of-its-kind partnership.  He have testified in front of Congress regarding the impacts of agricultural technology in rural America and has also been active on an advisory panel focused on agricultural water conservation and optimization. Kevin earned his MBA, graduating with honors from Regis University and a BS in Business Administration and Communications from the University of Colorado. When he isn't working on ag water issues he spends time with his wife and two daughters.

📞 (855) 595-4800


Keith Yamamoto

President/General Manager - Central Irrigation


Keith Yamamoto is a third Generation Diversified California Farmer. His focus remains steady on his business’ needs. The principals Keith lives by in business are: be honest with yourself and your associates, give all the effort you can afford, trust your instincts, and keep your eyes, ears, and mind open. When Keith isn’t managing Central Irrigation, he’s making memories, celebrating life with his family and friends. 


📞 (209) 331-0714

Kevin Deniz

Managing Partner - Farmcom Real Estate


Kevin is a managing partner of Farmcom Real Estate, Inc. He was born and raised on a family owned farm in Madera. He gained a wealth of experience working for a large local brokerage and with 15 years experience in farming, he is excited to transfer all of his knowledge to FARMCOM clients. His wife and children mean the world to him. 


📞 (559) 232-5603

Mike Woelk

Owner   - Corigin


Mike is the CEO and Founder of Corigin Solutions, a Merced based startup that converts low value farm wastes into high value organic products that help farmers sustainably intensify their operations. Corigin’s flagship products include crop growth enhancers, feed additives and soil amendments that increase yield, reduce fertilizer & chemical use, improve water efficiency and sequester carbon for centuries. 

Prior to starting Corigin, Mike was an accomplished senior executive and repeat entrepreneur with more than 30 years of leadership experience in the biotech, clean tech, scientific instrument and sensor industries. 

Mike is a TEDx speaker and has received numerous awards including Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum in Davos, IHS-Cera Energy Innovation Pioneer and a CNBC Disruptor. Michael holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology from the California State Polytechnic University - Pomona.


📞 (949) 677-6230

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