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Design- Experienced and knowledgeable drafters to illustrate your idea. We excel in utilizing the latest modern technology to maximize the performance of your irrigation system.


Installation ​- Our installation and construction crew is both precise and professional. We understand the need for you to have your system up and running, and we strive to be prompt in meeting that goal. 

Maintenance - ​Our service doesn't end after installation. We're here to address all maintenance and repairs. Request a maintenance visit, or check our current inventory of replacement parts and have your order ready for pickup at a selected location!

Water Security -​ We maintain a close relationship with our partners at Water & Land Solutions to bring you water security and ensure full compliance with SGMA standards.

FARMCOM is a newly established real estate agency located in Chowchilla, CA;  the heart of the Central Valley. FARMCOM specializes in agriculture, commercial and residential properties. 



  • Represent buyers and sellers in farm, commercial, and residential sales

  • Commercial and farm leasing

  • Property management services

Water & Land Solutions, LLC (WLS) was formed in 2018 by Brad Samuelson and Chase Hurley. Based out of Merced California, the firm provides expertise on a wide range of agricultural water and land use issues. Mr. Hurley comes from an ag production and water resource background; having recently served as the General Manager for San Luis Canal Company for thirteen years. Mr. Samuelson’s previous work experience focused on a wide variety of environmental compliance issues and regulations while working for a large farming organization and an engineering firm.

Established in 1980 by Chris Morgner, our staff is experienced, eager, and dependable.

We strive to build strong relationships with our clients.

We use a customized, balanced approach to pest management and agronomic assistance.



  • Field monitoring to identify pest, disease, weeds and crop health.

  • Biological services, recommendations, nutrient plans, irrigation scheduling.

  • Soil, water, and plant testing.

  • Property evaluation for crop suitability.

  • Soil maps for precision applications and satellite imagery ground truthing.

AGC Marketing is a marketing and communications agency that drives company growth through a variety of outreach tactics. Through social media, branding, design and more, they help build awareness, influence and reputation for ag companies. 


  • Social Media 

  • Websites

  • Photography/Videography 

  • Graphic Design 

  • Advertising 

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing 

  • Event Management 

Caddyshack Rodent Service is a company centrally located out of Chowchilla, California extending throughout the valley that aims to reduce the population of gopher and squirrels in agricultural, commercial, and residential settings. With our machines, we can achieve this without the use of synthetic poisons. Carbon monoxide is pumped through probes inserted into underground tunnels, putting the furry fellows to sleep in their burrows.


  • Gps/laser land leveling 

  • Heavy grading/earthmoving 

  • Dairy Lagoons/ irrigation reservoirs 

  • Gps surveying & mapping 

  • Excavation 

  • Deep ripping 

  • Stubble discing 

  • Chiseling 

At Foiada land leveling, we pride ourselves on being one of the oldest operating companies in California.

“Our goal is to offer a great return on investment and create a personal relationship with our valued clients” - Doug Brunner, Owner 

DCB farming offers excellent farm management & customer support clients in the California Central Valley. We offer these services for both permanent plantings & row crops. 

  • Day to day operation

  • Bidding Process

  • Cultural

  • Accounting

  • Joint Ventures

G & F Agricultural Service was founded in 1991 by the company's president, Randy Fondse and is located in the Central Valley of California. G & F Agricultural Service has been doing orchard removal and vineyard removal, along with custom grinding thoughout California and Nevada for over 24 years.

Being in the business for over twenty-four years has given us an expertise you cannot find anywhere else. G & F Agricultural Service is committed to doing more for the customer than the competition.

G & F Agricultural Service is here for all of your agriculture services.

RASMUSSEN FARMS is a pollination services company based out of Gustine, CA. We specialize in almond pollination, and strive to bring the highest quality hives for our growers. We work with beekeeping outfits throughout the United States to ensure that we always have an adequate supply of colonies to pollinate in February.

Corigin unravels plant structures into organic biomolecular solutions and soil amendments that help farmers increase yields and soil fertility while reducing chemical, fertilizer and water use. The process is carbon negative, and perhaps the most sustainable process on Earth.

Mechanical Pruning - Our machines can cover up to 10 acres per hour & top up to 20 . We operate dual boom machines. Saving time & money. 

Topping - These machines are able to angle and at top trees to the grower’s desire. Topping allows the light penetrate the tree into the lower canopy. 

Hedging - Hedging allows access for equipment without harming tree or crop. Better spray coverage, sunlight penetration and decrease in disease are just a few of the great things that hedging allows. 

Custom Orchard Spreading - We use state of the art orchard/ vineyard spreaders to apply vari- ous amendments to your crops. Gypsum, compost, sulfur, & lime are a few of the products we are able to supply our customers with.


  • Compost spreading 

  • ​Lowboy ​

  • ​Serving the valley from Visalia to Sacramento with extralegal permits covering up to 12' wide and 44ton in Fresno, Madera, Merced, and Stanislaus counties.

  • Excavating

Disease & Pest Detection

Identify pests and diseases and address costly issues early in the season.


Optimize Irrigation

Identify irrigation system issues, make repairs, and adjust strategy in-season.


Better Scouting

Identify priority areas for staff to conduct ground sampling.


Improve Fertilizer & Nitrogen Use

Identify nutrient deficiencies, establish management zones to enable variable rate applications.

SWIIM® stands for Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management®.  It provides a new standard in water measurement than allows growers to receive an accurate accounting of the water both delivered and consumed on their fields. This patented process was developed with the help of the USDA and is being used successfully by growers and water providers. SWIIM accounts for your water with the same precision as your CPA accounts for finances. With the regulations and the increase costs associated with water usage this information is invaluable

Barrier Roofing & Solar is your single source for green-friendly, money-saving solar power systems. When you trust your energy needs to Barrier, they'll handle all aspects of your project from design to permitting and installation to rebate administration. All to help you achieve real energy independence! Barrier is a local company that does all of their work in-house. Additionally, Barrier specializes in Ag food processing and storage. 

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